#lovetea - not as easy as I thought it would be!!!

So you’d think deciding and then planting herb seeds for my #lovetea project for fresh tisanes for the Summer and dried Herbal teas in the Winter would be quick, easy and straightforward.

What else did I need to do except read my beautiful Jekka McVicar Herb book (the Queen of herbs), decide which to plant and get them in?

Love Jekka McVicar

Love Jekka McVicar


However, planting in the greenhouse was thwarted by the fact it was rammed full of toys that needed clearing out! Is it just me that lives with a shed, greenhouse and garage that are all full!?

Way too much sorting required for my liking…..

Way too much sorting required for my liking…..


Finally clear, it was then literally scrubbed from top to toe - not a job I enjoyed due to spiders and cobwebs that somehow manage to cling to your hair. Yuk. Yuk. Yuk.

Phew…..getting there at last.

Phew…..getting there at last.

And before I knew it the Easter break was over and my herbs were still not planted!

Grump……need to get a shift on really don’t I!?

#lovetea  - definitely had a cuppa after all of that lot!


Finally I have put pen to paper for my Garden Retreat blog. 7 months later than planned due in part to my procrastination about what to write (too many topics to choose from) but also in part due to being busy. I have been treating lots of lovely clients, old and new in my wonderful studio since it opened late September, 2014. We’ve survived the Winter with a wonderfully good heater and can now enjoy these beautiful sunny days, most likely with the doors wide open.

During the Easter break I’ve spent time gardening and this has given me inspiration for a theme to get my blog off the ground. I have now officially started my #lovetea project and think it will be fun to use the blog to track it. I hope you enjoy the posts and end up loving tea (and the tea moment) as much as I do! 

So what is my #lovetea project all about?

Put simply it is about my passionate belief in the benefit to our health and wellbeing of taking time to stop and rest during each day. Which, most of us never do by the way, even here in the laidback Cotswolds!

 So, #lovetea is all about helping to remind us to stop, make a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy it for just 5-10 minutes, at least once per day.

Sounds simple doesn’t it……so why don’t many of us do it?!

After a reflexology treatment at the Garden Retreat each client is offered a cup of loose leaf tea. At the moment, on the menu we have Elderflower, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Chamomile and Rooibos. 

I have decided to grow my own teas and tisanes, instead of buying them. After all, how hard can it be?! And wouldn't it be nice to have homegrown, organic teas grown in my garden?

Well…..as I have already learnt it’s a bit like DIY. Something you think is going to be relatively quick actually takes ages and requires quite a lot of effort.

Watch this space for my Easter achievements for #lovetea!