Garden Retreat
Garden Retreat


Traditional Reflexology with specialist expertise in Five Element Chinese Medicine, Maternity Reflexology & Hot Stone Reflexology.

What to expect from a treatment

We start with a full health & lifestyle consultation, ensuring the treatment can be tailored to your individual needs. This will help me understand whether you have a specific health complaint you want help with or are looking to relax to maintain good health.

The treatment itself then begins with a gentle soothing massage of the feet followed by a specific pressure massage of the individual reflexes covering the entire foot.

At the end of each treatment you will be offered tea.

Follow-up consultations include a brief discussion of any changes and developments before undertaking the treatment, followed by tea.

If necessary I will undertake research relating to any condition you maybe experiencing and email or call you with follow ups if required.

Clients often report a feeling of relaxation during & after the treatment. Over the years of practising I have seen reflexology effectively support many different clients, those with a specific health issue and those looking to maintain their good health.




Initial Consultation:
90mins  = £55

Follow-up appointments:
45 mins = £35; 

1 hour = £40;

75mins = £45.


See pricing on YOGA page as varies a little for each class.