What is Reflexology?

In simple terms, reflexology is a specific pressure massage to reflex points on the feet (or hands) that correspond to areas of your body. The reflex map dates back to ancient times - 2500BC with drawings being found in Egypt. In doing this reflexologists are seeking to address any imbalances in the system, which can contribute to stress and disease.

My aim with reflexology is to help people who feel unwell, out of sorts or who have a specific health issue to feel better by working on these imbalances to:

  • reduce stress, 
  • induce and encouraging relaxation, 
  • remove energetic blocks, 
  • improve the body’s building blocks,
  • improve depleted energy.

I combine my traditional reflexology training with an in-depth knowledge of the Five Elements and Chinese Medicine. This gives an exceptionally useful diagnostic model for the imbalances we all experience in everyday life.

Clients often ask me "how does reflexology actually work?" The reality is scientific studies are only just beginning to understand complementary therapies like reflexology. My feeling is through my own empirical evidence, gathered by treating many clients over the years,  the state of relaxation induced and switch off time gives the body and mind the ability to re-set itself each time.

I have successfully helped clients who are suffering stress, insomnia, neck & back pain, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, headaches and much more. I also have a regular client base who use it as a preventative tool for stress & health management.

I am of course happy to work alongside any treatment you are receiving from your Doctor and believe that Western Medicine can be helpful and in certain cases is essential for people to feel better. I also believe that a natural therapy such as Reflexology can assist the process of improving health and in some cases can be enough on its own.