Hatha Yoga teacher training diploma - 200 hours, approved by YOGA ALLIANCE, undertaken at the Bristol School of Yoga with Laura Gilmore. 


I teach small groups (max 4) at home in a mini-studio overlooking the sea with lovely light and views in Carbis Bay. This is a great way to start a yoga practice if you feel a little daunted starting in a larger group setting. It is also useful if you want a class tailored to suit your specific needs.

Just get in touch if you are interested and I can set up a new class or slot you into an existing group. You are also welcome to create a group of 2-4 friends and come together.

Price = £10 per class.   Private lessons are also available. 


I first began yoga at the Sivananda Centre in Putney in 2003, seeking physical benefits as I was training for a marathon. It certainly helped with my tight leg muscles but I was also delighted to find it was a relaxing & calming practice, a great antidote to my busy London life at the time. I was lucky enough to work for an enlightened employer and attended classes in the office before work once a week.

Moving to the Cotswolds in 2004 my practice continued, albeit sporadically. I was lucky to be living close to Daylesford Haybarn Spa where daily classes were offered in a beautiful space. 

Yoga finally became an integral part of my life a decade after I first found the practice, following a rare illness - it formed part of my recovery (along with trips to St Ives & learning to surf) so I decided to undertake teacher training, not really knowing where it would lead. 

Having made the decision to move to Cornwall in 2017 I now love teaching this wonderful and varied practice. I passionate about helping others begin a practice or get back to the mat and develop a skill that can be used home to help support their body & mind for their health & wellbeing.

Please also take a look at www.stivesyoga.co.uk  with information on yoga classes, workshops and retreats at the wonderful Porthmeor Studios on Back Road West in St. Ives